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Paper Thistle Kate Gallaher

Hey, y’all - I’m Kate.

I am the designer and creator behind Paper Thistle.

Let me tell you - putting your own artwork out there on the internet for all to see is quite a funny thing. The ideas that once only floated around in my head now get to live in your home, framed on a wall or on the front of a card, with a sweet message to one your friends tucked inside.

My hope is that Paper Thistle becomes to you what it is to me - a reminder to seek beauty in the simple things.  To keep smiling and be kind. 

If you want to learn more about my journey to Paper Thistle (or why the heck it’s called “Paper Thistle” - keep scrolling!




why the name Paper Thistle?

Outside of the digital world, paper is what carries our stories. Photographs of moments in our lives that we frame and hang on our walls. Journals where we write our thoughts, our feelings. Notebooks where we document our brightest ideas that drive our careers. Books that teach us new things, preserve our history, and carry us into our imaginations. Cards and stationery that we use to send others our love on special occasions - or just because.

And why thistle?

The blue thistle is a prickly weed. But it is resilient. It grows back stronger if it is cut back. It can defy its definition of “weed” as it brings balance and harmony to floral arrangements.



Blue thistle inspired the name because it reminds me to: 

practice resilience.

Even if cut down to just a tiny bit of a root, thistle will regrow. The deep root system helps the plant return stronger.

Thistle leaves and stems are prickly. But they serve a purpose - to protect the plant from being eaten by wildlife. It continues to survive.

I believe that you don’t just become resilient. You practice it. You grow into it. You get better.

see beyond a definition.

By definition, blue thistle is a weed. But it is sought after by florists across the country. Why? Because it brings harmony and balance with softer floral arrangements. It elevates the flowers around it.

Thistle defies the definition of ‘weed’ that others place on it. It reminds us that we can see beyond how others define us. We can become what we dream to do.

smile at life's happy moments.

Even more special, my husband picked out blue thistle as the ‘flower’ for his boutonnière at our wedding. Our florist then decided to include blue thistle in my bridal bouquet.

And the alpacas (yes! we had alpacas! at the wedding!) ate ALL of the thistle out of my bouquet!