Happy First Father's Day

Today is my husband's very first Father's Day with Alice.
We kind of clarify that “with Alice”… because I did used to give him “Dog Dad” cards in years past - because, of course, he is Pepper's dad (our dog… for those of you that do not yet follow Paper Thistle on Instagram).
I asked my husband what he wanted to do for his first “official, with Alice” Father's Day.  He told me that ‘every day is like Father’s Day with such an incredible family.'  Sweet, I know. 
But, let's be honest here -  not every day is easy.  We're tired, we argue, we're messy, we cry. But, we do count every day as incredible with little Alice!
And I'm SO thankful to my husband for the dad he is to Alice + Pepper!
Many of you know our journey with fertility.  While we always knew we would have kids, we didn't know if they would be our biological children.
But, here we are, Alice turns ELEVEN months tomorrow.
I know I say this every mother / father's day… but there was definitely a time when these days were tough!  For those of yall who stand in that place today - just know you are never alone, and our hearts at Paper Thistle are squeezed for yall today. 💔
For those of yall that are dads and soon-to-be dads, 
Want to get a quick fill of baby pics (just a couple - don't want to overwhelm).  Keep scrolling! 
cute baby picture
cute baby in swing
cute newborn baby